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Army Special Victims' Counsel (SVC) are legal assistance attorneys who receive specialized training in representing adult and child victims of sexual assault and abuse. SVC's provide zealous representation to their clients throughout the full spectrum of the military justice process, ensuring their clients are informed and heard in full accordance with the rights and benefits afforded them in this process. They represent the best interests of their clients and therefore their primary duty is to the client and no other person, organization, or entity. SVC's therefore hold a privileged attorney-client relationship with their clients. Regardless of the outcome of the judicial or administrative process, the SVC ensures the client's needs are met though the interdisciplinary services available within the military justice process as well as with available civilian services.

Additional information concerning the SVC program may be found here, as well as within the Fourth Edition of the Special Victims' Counsel Handbook.

Welcome to My SVC and Me.

This interactive game has been created to guide children through the military justice (MJ) process – orienting them to persons, places and processes involved in their journey. Designed for child clients, the game allows the client to proceed in a linear fashion introducing the client to those key characters and concepts contained in the MJ process yet also allows the child to revisit prior scenes using a designated map that details the various critical places along the route.

This game was developed through a collaboration of The Judge Advocate Generals Legal Center and School’s Educational Technology Distributed Learning Department, and Criminal Law Department in consultation with the University of Virginia’s, School of Medicine’s Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy to ensure child appropriate language and content.


My SVC and Me  was primarily designed for use with mobile devices. 

To setup the game:

1) Create a shortcut on the child’s mobile device. Instructions here.

2) Before starting the game, enter the SVC contact information into the digital business card.  Instructions available via CAC or AKO login.

NOTE: A printable coloring book and business card are also provided.

Playable via modern:


Click here to view browsers compatible with the game.

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Contact your local SVC at your installation for comments or questions.