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Prerequisites: Army officers with the rank of Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, and Major (promotable) assigned or pending assignment as battalion, brigade, or equivalent level commanders.

ATTENDEES: Pursuant to HQDA EXORD 065-17, all 06 level Commanders (CSL) (Brigade, Group, Garrison), Active Component 06 AMEDD Commanders (nominatively selected), and officers selected for Battalion Commands where they exercise Special Court-Martial Convening Authority (SPCMCA) MUST attend this training before they assume command.

ACTIVE COMPONENT OFFICERS subject to the mandatory attendance will attend in MTSA-funded Army seats controlled by HRC. Contact your branch manager to obtain a quota.

COMPO 2 and 3 officers selected for Brigade / Group / Garrison command and officers selected for Battalion Commands where they exercise Special Court-martial Convening Authority MUST attend prior to assuming command.  Contact your respective COMPO office that schedules your PCC attendance to obtain a quota.



  1. Battalion Commanders who do not exercise SPCMCA MAY are encouraged and welcomed to attend.  Attendance is at unit expense.  For information on how to apply for Space-Available attendance, click HERE.


  1. While on SOLO Wait List, do not expect your status to change prior to the 45th day before the course start date.  On the 45th day (and up to the Friday before the course), ATRRS fills vacant seats from the wait list based on the date on enrollment in ATRRS.  Anytime during this period, you may move from the Wait List to a Reservation in the course. 


  1. If you move from WAIT to RESERVATION, you will receive an email from ATRRS and the JAG School will send you a Welcome Memorandum for the course.

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