Uncertainty in the Law of Targeting: Towards a Cognitive Framework

Michael N. Schmitt & MAJ Michael Schauss

Harvard National Security Journal

Volume 10

Solicitations Can 'Align (Too) Precisely' with Labor Categories in Federal Supply Schedule Contracts (pg 2,5)

MAJ Bruce Mayeaux

Hot Off The Press

February 2019

Disclosure of Labor Rates by Contractor Employees Does Not Necessarily Violate PIA

MAJ Bruce Mayeaux

Louisiana Bar Journal

Volume 66, No. 4

December 2018 / January 2019

Revisiting Belligerent Reprisals in the Age of Cyber?

COL Dave Wallace, LTC Shane Reeves, and MAJ Trent Powell

Marquette University Law Review

Volume 102, No. 1

November 20, 2018

Complex Battlespaces: The Law of Armed Conflict and the Dynamics of Modern Warfare

edited by LTC Christopher M. Ford and LTC Winston S. Williams

December 18, 2018

ISBN 9780190915360


Not Your Grandfather's Zone of Twilight: Civil Military Relationships in Debatably Legal Precision Strikes

Major Dan Maurer

Harvard National Security Journal

August 27, 2018

Targeting, the Law of War, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Michael W. Meier & James T. Hill

Journal of Transnational Law

Volume 51, No. 3

May 13, 2018

A Practical Perspective on Attacking Armed Groups

BG R. Patrick Huston

Journal of Transnational Law

Volume 51, No. 3

May 13, 2018

The Military's Campaign Against Sexual Assault

LTC Jay Thoman and CPT Erika Andresen


Volume 35, No. 3

May / June 2018

Securing the Bridge from the Other End: Tactical Rule of Law in Non-Western Countries

LTC Matthew Krause

Small Wars Journal


The Clash of the Trinities: A New Theoretical Analysis of the General Nature of War

MAJ Daniel Maurer

U.S. Army War College

September 2017

Responding to Refugee Request in a Foreign Country

MAJ Emilee Elbert

CALL Newsletter

August 2017

Military Leadership Lessons for Public Service (Book Review)

MAJ Brent Thompson

The Strategy Bridge

March 20, 2017

Understanding the Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) in your Operating Area

LTC Sally McDonald (Formerly Juarez)

CALL Newsletter


Is U.S. Operational Self-Defense a State Practice
Creating New Customary International Law?

LTC Yevgeny S. Vindman

St. John's Journal of International and Comparative Law


Mission Command in a Multinational Environment

LTC Patrick Bryan with COL Curtis Buzzard & LTC Kevin Saatkamp

Infantry Online

January-March 2018

The Use of Explosives in Cities: A Grim but Lawful Reality of War

MG (Ret) Thomas Ayres

Joint Forces Quarterly

4th Quarter

October 2017

India's Distressed Justice Sector: A Matter of U.S. National Security Concern

Dan E. Stigall

Harvard National Security Journal

September 14, 2017

Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless:
Classifying the Syrian War Under the Law of Armed Conflict

COL Dave Wallace, LTC Shane R. Reeves, & Professor Amy McCarthy

Michigan State International Law Review

Volume 25, Issue 3

August 2017

What is Life Worth in the United States Army Military Justice System?

MAJ Aimee M. Bateman and Professor O. Shawn Cupp

Command General Staff College Foundation, Inc.

2016 Ethics Symposium

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

April 2016

The Economic Calculus of Fielding Autonomous Fighting Vehicles
Compliant with the Laws of Armed Conflict

CPT Erik Thomas and Mr. Evan Wallach

Yale Journal of Law and Technology

Volume 18, Issue 1


Why Not a Joint Security Force Assistance Command?

John Francis Jakubowski

Joint Forces Quarterly

Issue 89, 2nd Quarter 2018

Autonomous Weapons and Weapon Reviews:
The UK Second International Weapon Review Forum

James Farrant and LTC Christopher M. Ford

International Law Studies, U.S. Naval War College

Volume 93

August 2017

The Staff Officer's Paintbrush: the Art of Advising Commanders

MAJ Dan Mauer

Modern War Institute

March 2, 2017

Is It Time for a Single Federal Suspension and Debarment Rule?

Mr. Trevor B. A. Nelson

ABA Public Contract Law Journal

Volume 46, Number 3

Spring 2017

Tallinn Manual 2.0 - Advancing the Conversation

COL Gary P. Corn

Just Security

February 15, 2017

An Athens and Sparta Alliance: A Call for Collaboration Between Academics and Practitioners on the Law Governing Conflict

LTC Shane Reeves and Michael Schmitt

Just Security

March 28, 2018

Subcontractor's Unsuccessful Gamble Doesn't Create an
Implied-in-Fact Contract with the Government

MAJ Bruce Mayeaux

Louisiana Bar Journal, Volume 65, Issue 5

February / March 2018

Why a President Cannot Authorize the Military To Violate (Most Of)
The Law of War

John Dehn

William & Mary Law Review, Volume 59, Issue 3

February 2018

Taking Away the Keys

Mary Benzinger

Army Echoes

October 2017 - January 2018

The Santillana Codes: The Civil Codes of Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania

Dan E. Stigall

Lexington Books

October 20, 2017

ISBN 978-1498561754

The Defense Base Act: War Risk Syndrome

MAJ C. Jason Bromley

Public Contract Law Journal, Volume 46

Summer 2017

Protect Our Military Children: Congress Must Rectify Jurisdiction on Military Installations to Address Juvenile-on-Juvenile Sexual Assault

MAJ George R. Lavine III

Wyoming Law Review, Volume 18, Number 1


Dehumanization of Warfare: Legal Implications of New Weapon Technologies

LTC Jeffrey Thurnher

Springer International


Available for Purchase, ISB: 3319672649

Modern Tragedy: How the Sicilian Expedition and the
Iraq Campaign Exhibit Strategic Effects

MAJ Brent W. Thompson

The Strategy Bridge

November 18, 2017

The Trinity and the Law of War

MAJ Julie A. Glascott

Strategy Bridge Journal

November 12, 2017

Coordinated Attacks

MAJ Elton Johnson

JMRC Quarterly Lessons Learned Newsletter, Quarter 4

October 2017

Sovereignty in the Age of Cyber

COL Gary P. Corn and Robert Taylor

AJIL Unbound

August 21, 2017

Comments and Post-Deadline Extensions of Time at the GAO

MAJ Bruce L. Mayeaux

Louisiana Bar Journal, Volume 65, Issue 4

December 2017 / January 2018

Follow the Money: Targeting Enemy War-Sustaining Activities

LTC Jeffrey Miller and COL Ian Corey

Joint Forces Quarterly

October 2017

The UNHRC Commission of Inquiry on Syria Misapplies the Law of Armed Conflict

LTC Shane Reeves, LTC Ward Narramore


September 15, 2017

Money, Motivation, and Terrorism: Rewards-for-Information Programs

LTC Christopher M. Ford

Naval War College Review, Volume 70, Number 4

Autumn 2017

Tactical ROE Management During Unified Land Operations

MAJ Patrick L. Bryan

Professional Forum

August - December 2016

Cross-eyed: Planning When Host-Nation and Intervener
Rule of Law Strategies are Unaligned

MAJ Dan Maurer

Harvard National Security & Law Association

September 16, 2015

The Military Justice Act of 2016: Here Comes the Changes

LTC Shane Reeves, LTC Mark Visger


August 29, 2017


Avoiding the Walk of Shame: Short-Term Rentals in Miami Beach

MAJ Jesse T. Greene

Municipal Lawyer (International Municipal Lawyers Association), Volume 58, Issue 4

July / August 2017

Syria: A Case Study in International Law

LTC Christopher M. Ford

University of Cincinnati Law Review

April 11, 2017

An Empirical Look at Commander Bias in Sexual Assault Cases

LTC(R) Eric R. Carpenter

Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law, Volume 22, Issue 1

Spring 2017

Islamic Law, International Law, and Non-international Armed Conflict in Syria

LTC Patrick B. Grant

Boston University International Law Journal, Volume 35, Issue 1

Spring 2017

The New Definition of "Disposable Retired Pay" In the Division of Military Retirement for Military on Active Duty

Mary M. Benzinger

Virginia Family Law Quarterly, Volume 37, Issue 1

Spring 2017

The Judge Advocate as Strategist

MAJ Daniel Maurer

Small Wars Journal

January 28, 2017

Restrict Procurement Competition to Veteran Owned Businesses

MAJ Bruce Mayeaux

Louisiana Bar Journal, Volume 64, Issue 3

October / November 2016

The Big Lebowski: The Dude's Lessons in Law and Leadership for Military and National Security Attorneys

MAJ Ryan A. Little

Pace Law Review, Volume 37, Issue 1

September 2016

Taking a Stand: Unilateral Action by the United States in Mass Atrocity Response Operations

MAJ Shelley Farmer

CGSC Foundation Ethics Symposium, Fort Leavenworth, KS

April 2016

Affirmative Target Identification: Operationalizing the Principle of Distinction for U.S. Warfighters

LTC John J. Merriam

Virginia Journal of International Law, Volume 56, Issue 1


The Use of Withdrawn Factual Stipulations in Debarment Proceedings: A Study in Parallel Processes

CPT Eric Michael Liddick

American Bar Association Public Contract Law Journal

Fall 2015

Bringing Down the House: The Regulation and Potential Liability of Induced Earthquakes

CPT Paula E. Finley

LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources, Volume 4, Issue 1

Fall 2015

A Restitution Alternative for Department of Defense Agencies to Combat Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act-Level Cases Under Far 9.4

Trevor B. A. Nelson

American Bar Association Public Contract Law Journal, Volume 44, Issue 3

Spring 2015

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