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Army Creates Quantum Sensor That Detects Entire Radio-Frequency Spectrum

New Pentagon Missile Defense "Kill Vehicle" May Destroy Multiple ICBMs

Kombucha tea inspires smart materials that could save troops' lives

Army Eyes Unmanned Launcher Trucks Able To Fire Missiles Loaded With Swarming Munitions

Pentagon sees JADC2 and new data strategy as inextricably linked

After Stumble, Army to Restart Design Competition for Bradley Replacement

Multinational cooperation could accelerate US defense capabilities in the polar regions

Space Force plans to nearly triple in size in second year, could accept Army, Navy transfers

Two U.S. Army projects seek to improve comms between soldiers and AI

Putin says Russian Navy to get hypersonic nuclear strike weapons

The Army Enters a New Era in Warfare for 2040 - The "BIG 10"

US Army to begin satcom field testing for expeditionary signals units

Strategic Ops directorate to shape electromagnetic, cyber capabilities

Army prototypes IVAS network capabilities for tactical vehicles

How new prototyping dollars will help Army network modernization

The Army's New Scout-Attack Helicopters Look Stealthy

Geurts: Navy Looking for 'Balance' in Developing Future USVs

Special Report: China expands amphibious forces in challenge to U.S. beyond Asia

OMFV: Army Wants Smaller Crew, More Automation

US Army releases draft RFP for Bradley vehicle replacement

Build Allies Into Tomorrow's Battlefield Network, Army Leaders Say

What electronic warfare can learn from a wagon full of smartphones

Russia Again Successfully Tests Ship-based Hypersonic Miissile

Russia's New Hypersonic Missile Travels Nearly Two Miles a Second

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Weaponizing Biotech: How China's Military Is Preparing for a 'New Domain of Warfare'

Army Goggles Will Feature Facial Recognition Tech 'Very Soon'

A Small Texas City Will Become the Country's 'Hypersonics Research Capital'

Here's how the Army's rank-and-file should view their role in the service's doctrinal shift

NIST Has a Roadmap to Develop Artificial Intelligence Standards

Hypersonic Missiles: A New Proliferation Challenge

"Out of the Loop": Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Law of Armed Conflict (from 2013)

A Death Knell for the International Norms of Cyber Conflict

DARPA is Taking On the Deepfake Problem

We're Not Playing Acquisition Pac-Man Anymore

MWI Podcast: Former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work Assesses the Future Battlefield

Robots Take the Wheel as Autonomous Farm Machines Hit Fields

Why America Needs a New Way of War

Lockheed Martin Flies Unmanned Technology Aboard UH-60 for the First Time

Senate Bill Would Woo High-Tech Ninjas to Military



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