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JAG Registrations

ATTRS Course Number Course Name Course Information Contacts Training Repository  
5F-F11 Government Contract Law New Developments Course This course updates senior government attorneys on significant changes in government contract and fiscal law and policy by providing attendees the opportunity to hear the views of prominent individuals from the government and private sectors. The course features guest speakers and seminars with an emphasis on new developments, policy insights, and advanced instruction in selected contract and fiscal law topics. The course also serves as the focal point for the continuing education needs of program manager attorneys and includes seminars designed to meet the interests of senior military and civilian attorneys in the field of government procurement law. With a focus on policy, this course is designed for senior-level contract and fiscal law attorneys. (Preview) (Preview) View
5F-F48 Emergent Topics in National Security Law This course addresses emerging and/or emergent legal issues that are likely to confront Judge Advocates and other practitioners assigned to international and operational law billets. The forum is intended to provide experienced practitioners from across the joint force, typically field grade or civilian equivalent, an in-depth exploration of current national security law issues. The course provides TJAGLCS and the JAG Corps with operational flexibility to address new and changing topics in international and operational law. Therefore, the focus of instruction for each course will change in accordance with evolving legal issues. As such, the course description will be updated on a course-by-course basis in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) in advance of each session. (Preview) (Preview) View
512-27DC6 Senior Court Reporter Course The focus of the course is to update government court reporters on significant changes and new developments in Army court reporting. This course also includes ensuring the most up-to-date equipment and techniques are being used, as well as instruction on caseload sharing, which fosters a one-team mentality. Court reporters that complete this course will be able to perform as managers across several jurisdictions. This course is geared towards SSG-SFC (E6-E7). This course is held annually. (Preview) (Preview) View
5F-F202 Ethics Counselor Course To provide ethics counselors and leaders supervising ethics counselors fundamentals for their duties as ethics counselors. The course is primarily designed for attorneys with little experience in the area or former ethics counselors who, after some time, have been recently re-designated to provide ethics advice. Topics include: ethics counselor fundamentals; gifts; conflicts of interest; outside activities; post-government employment restrictions; completion and review of financial disclosure reports; relationships with non-federal entities; travel and transportation rules; the Joint Ethics Regulation; program reviews; dealing with contractors in the workplace; and running an effective ethics program. (Preview) (Preview) View
5F-F1 Senior Officer Legal Orientation Course This course acquaints senior Army officers in, or selected for, command with the legal responsibilities and issues commonly faced by installation, brigade combat team, and battalion commanders, and by those commanders assuming special court-martial convening authority. Administrative and civil law topics include labor-management relations; law of federal employment; equal employment opportunity; adverse administrative actions; administrative investigations; legal assistance; retirement considerations and survivor benefits; administrative remedies; family law;;;; consumer law; medical disability separations and veterans benefits; command authority; transgender policy; government information practices; standards of conduct; and handling of sexual harassment complaints. Criminal law topics include an overview of the military justice system, search and seizure, , nonjudicial punishment, unlawful command influence, improper senior-subordinate relationships and fraternization; sentencing and corrections, digital media and the law; and the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response program. The instruction emphasizes the options and responsibilities of convening authorities before and after trial in military justice matters, including theories and effects of sentencing. International and operational law topics include responsibilities of command and staff under the law of war and national implementing policy, rules of engagement, international agreements, cyber law, and international human rights law. Contract and fiscal law topics include an overview of fiscal law with an emphasis on current issues affecting commanders; contract law; procurement fraud; and funding issues for military operations. (Preview) (Preview) View