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Criminal Law...

Faculty 2020-2021

Criminal Law Faculty



Chair and Professor

LTC Rebecca A. Farrell

434-971-3341 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Overview of the Military Justice System; Unlawful Command Influence

Vice Chair and Professor

LtCol Alex Douvas, USMC  

434-971-3342 (DSN 521)

Subject:  Pleadings; Instructions; Findings; Commander's Role in the Military Justice System


Associate Professors

MAJ Todd Gately

434-971-3345 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Professional Responsibility; Trial Advocacy; Case Analysis; Interviewing and Preparing Witnesses


MAJ David Thompson

434-971-3276 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Pretrial Restraint & Confinement; Speedy Trial; Article 32; Discovery & Production; Sentence Credit

MAJ Jordan Stapley

434-971-3347 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Court-Martial Personnel; Pretrial Advice; Preferral & Referral; Pleas; Plea Agreements; Voir Dire & Challenges;   Jurisdiction


MAJ Jeremy Broussard

434-971-3348 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Rules of Evidence; Hearsay; Confrontation; Foundations; Impeachment


Maj Robert Beske, USMC

434-971-3343 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Right to Counsel & IAC; Self-Incrimination; Search & Seizure; Cyber Law & Digital Evidence



MAJ Sara Nicholson

434-971-3349 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Crimes; Sexual Offenses; Defenses; Mental Responsibility & Competence; Nonjudicial Punishment; Summary Courts-Martial 


MAJ Joshua Mikkelsen

434-971-3346 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Sexual Assault Policy; Family Advocacy Program (FAP); Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP); Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP); Special Victim Counsel (SVC); Improper Relationships & Fraternization

MAJ Ryan Yoder

434-971-3344 (DSN 521)

Subjects:  Sentencing; Post-Trial; Appeals & Writs; War Crimes






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