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School Code: 181 / NCOA School Code: 681  -  No Tuition Fees

Attendance at resident courses is limited to those persons to whom a student quota has been allocated. Quotas are managed by the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). The scope and prerequisites for courses are specified in ATRRS, but are also available in the catalog liink to the left. Most Army students will go through their local command training office to register in ATRRS. Procedures vary for Sister service students and those from other agencies. Finally, some courses are "by invitation only"  and these seats are obtained by application to TJAGLCS.

For complete information on ATRRS requirements, procedures for registration, and points of contact, click here.



Basic Course



Direct Commissioned Course (Basic Officer Leadership Course (Part A) (BOLC-A))

Ft Benning, GA. 6 Weeks. PT 0530 and classes continue until 2000 Hours.

Officers will first report to Fort Benning. During this Phase, officers learn basic Soldier skills such as customs and courtesies, basic rifle marksmanship, land navigation, and convoy operations. These skills are critical to success as a Soldier-Lawyer.

Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course (Basic Officer Leadership Course (Part B) (BOLC-B))

Charlottesville, VA. 10.5 Weeks. PT 0600. Classes begin at 0910 and continue until 1720 Hours.

Officers will report to Charlottesville immediately following DCC. During this course, students receive instruction in military law, research, and communication skills in writing and speaking. Officers also study personnel law, military criminal law and trial advocacy, claims, legal assistance, contract and fiscal law, and international and operational law. These skills are critical to success as a Soldier-Lawyer.

ATTENDEES FOR PART A AND B: All New Judge Advocates of all components must attend to be certified by The Judge Advocate General for practice in the Army under Article 27(b), Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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Judge Advocate Officer Graduate Course. 42 Weeks.

Prerequisites: Commissioned career officers of the armed forces whose branch is the Judge Advocate General's Corps, or another service's equivalent, in their fifth to eighth year of active commissioned service; Army civilian attorneys; and selected international student officers.  Army students are selected for attendance by The Judge Advocate General.  Other service students are selected through competitive processes run by their personnel office.  International Students are selected through the US Embassy in their home country.  More information is available through the Army's Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA).

This course prepares career military attorneys for future service in senior judge advocate positions. The course requirements equal or exceed those of graduate programs at other law schools. Students who successfully complete all Graduate Course requirements for a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree receive an LL.M. in Military Law that is recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. The ABA may be contacted at Office of the Managing Director, ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, 321 North Clark, Floor 21, Chicago, IL 60654. The course is conducted over an academic year totaling 10 months during which students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework, including a major writing requirement.

ATTENDEES: Once selected, students will receive information primarily through JAG University.

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Senior Officer Legal Orientation. 4.5 Days. Offered 7 Times Annually.

Prerequisites: Army officers with the rank of colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major (promotable) assigned or pending assignment as battalion, brigade, or equivalent level commanders.

ATTENDEES: Pursuant to VCSA direction, ACTIVE COMPONENT officers selected for Brigade / Group / Garrison command AND officers selected for Battalion Commands where they exercise Special Court-martial Convening Authority (SPCMCA) beginning in FY17 (on the CSL in FY17) MUST attend before they assume command. An HQDA EXORD is forthcoming with details on enforcing, tracking, and reporting this requirement. RESERVE COMPONENT officers selected for Brigade / Group / Garrison command AND officers selected for Battalion Commands where they exercise Special Court-martial Convening Authority are welcome to attend, but the mandatory attendance and reporting requirement for these officers will not begin until FY19.

Active Component Officers subject to the mandatory attendance requirement in FY17 attend in MTSA-funded Army seats controlled by HRC. Contact your branch manager to obtain a quota.

Officers already in command are welcome to attend at unit expense, but the mandatory attendance and reporting requirements are NOT retroactive. Additionally, Battalion Commanders who do NOT exercise SPCMCA MAY attend on a space-available basis but must do so at unit expense. Officers seeking to attend at unit expense may apply for a seat using the application linked below.

Click here for additional information for the SOLO.

Click here for FY17 SOLO dates - UPDATED 1 NOVEMBER 2016

Application to attend at unit expense

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General Officer Legal Orientation (GOLO). 1.0 Day.

Prerequisites: United States Army active duty general officers or promotable colonels. Attendance is arranged through the General Officer Management Office (GOMO). 

This course offers one-on-one instruction tailored to the specific needs of each attendee. The purpose is to aquaint the general officer with the legal responsibilities and issues commonly faced by division, installation, and other major activity commanders. The full range of military law topics is available for selection, with the curriculum developed in consultation with the officer considering the needs of their command.

ATTENDEES: ACTIVE COMPONENT general courts-martial convening authorities and other general officers required by GOMO to attend. CSA requires all general officers deploying (regardless of component) to attend this course. Topics selected will focus on those areas needed in theater.

Click here for additional information for the GOLO.

Reserve Component General Officer Legal Orientation (RC GOLO). 2.5 Days. June 2017.

Prerequisites: Army Reserve Component officers in the rank of brigadier general and above and their chiefs of staff.  

This purpose of the course is to familiarize Reserve Component general officers with the legal responsibilities and issues commonly faced by division, installation, and other major activity commanders. A full range of military law topics will be covered during this 2.5 day course. Topics covered include standards of conduct, Military Justice, Unlawful Command Influence, Command Authority as well as other important legal issues general officers will encounter.

TO APPLY:  Attendance is coordinated through the U.S. Army Reserve, (703) 806-7654 or the National Guard Bureau, (703) 607-3642. If you have any questions, please contact the Course Manager Major Moises Castillo at

Click here for additional information for the RC GOLO.

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Command Sergeant Major Legal Orientation (CSMLO). 

The CSMLO is no longer conducted at TJAGLCS.  Sergeants Major receive legal instruction at the Sergeants Major Academy, as well as at PCC, Phase I.  If additional legal instruction is needed, Sergeants Major should coordinate with their servicing Judge Advocate.

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Law of Federal Employment Course. 3.5 Days. August 2017.

Prerequisites: Attendance at this course is by INVITATION ONLY to Department of Defense (DoD) military and civilian attorneys who are serving in, or are pending assignment to, a federal employment law position. Applicants should have no more than three years of federal employment law experience. Paralegals and legal administrators who provide legal support to employment law attorneys may also apply.

The purpose of this course is to teach the fundamentals of federal employment and labor law to DoD military and civilian attorneys. The course is designed to prepare students to identify, evaluate, and resolve labor and employment law issues for commanders, managers, and supervisors. Core topics include: adverse actions for misconduct, performance management, EEO substantive law and procedure, federal labor-management relations, and prohibited personnel practices.

TO APPLY: Please fill out BOTH of the following applications and return them to the course manager via e-mail. The Course Manager will make a decision on all applications by no later than 1 June 2017.

LOFE Application

LOFE ATRRS Application

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