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Frequently Asked Questions


Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the blue 'Enroll Now' button.

The lessons in this course will not become available to the student until the student has completed certain requirements of the course. Ensure you have read ALL instructions in the course and have checked any MARKED REVIEWED buttons and have met other criteria requirements listed in the course. If you still are unable to proceed in the course, submit a JAGU Support Desk ticket for assistance.

You will experience this if you're using Internet Explorer and have Compatibility Mode enabled.  The best way to address this issue is to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  If you must use Internet Explorer, you must disable Compatibility Mode by following the instructions here. If you are unable to disable Compatibility Mode via the instructions, contact your local IT Dept. for assistance.

Contact the JAGU Support Desk and provide them the course name and exam that was locked.  Please explain why you believe the exam locked up.

For most courses completed after 21 AUG 2015, a course certificate is listed in the My Courses section of JAGU.  Find it by going to the JAGU homepage and clicking on the My Courses tab.  There you will see a My Certificate module which lists earned certificates. 

CLE credit for TJAGLCS/JAGU online work is solely between the attorney and the licensing jurisdiction.

Each licensing jurisdiction has its own course qualification and reporting requirements for online CLE work. Because of the dozens of licensing jurisdictions, as well as limited resources, TJAGLCS/JAGU does not seek approval to serve as a CLE provider for online courses for any jurisdiction.

Although some jurisdictions accept attorney self-certification on online work completed, many jurisdictions require providers to independently verify an attorney's completion of online work (for example, verification that an attorney watched a pre-recorded Professional Responsibility lecture). TJAGLCS/JAGU is not resourced to provide independent verification of online CLE work..