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The Army's Framework for Character Development is the Army Leader Development Strategy (ALDS) implemented in accordance with the Army Ethic. The ALDS is based on the doctrine of the Army Profession, mission command, and leadership. The prescriptive components of the framework recognize the imperatives of an Army culture of trust, professional climates within Army organizations, and individual responsibility to be a trusted Army professional.

Implementation of the framework includes the Army as an institution, Army organizations across the Total Force, and leaders at all levels who recognize and accept their inherent responsibility to develop character within themselves and others. Strategic leaders establish policies, programs, and systems that support an Army culture of trust. Organizational leaders create conditions that support a professional climate. Direct leaders inspire and motivate Soldiers and Army Civilians to live our shared identity.

Successful implementation of this framework supports mission command and contributes to warfighting readiness through mutual trust and cohesion within the Army Profession and with the American people.